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All of our firewood is of the highest quality, well-seasoned and sourced from sustainably managed woodlands and by recycling Arboricultural and training arisings, wood that would otherwise go to waste.

We can provide you with seasoned firewood that meets your needs and offer a free delivery service within 10 miles of Brampton Valley Training & Assessments Ltd and a charge of only £1 per mile thereafter (one way).

We can deliver firewood in whatever quantity you need from a large bulk load through to net bags.


(Price per 1m³)

  • Seasoned Hardwood – £100
  • Seasoned Softwood – £75
  • Mixed Seasoned Hard and Soft wood – £85
  • Mixed Net Bags – £5


All of our logs are stored under-cover in a weather proof barn and are delivered to you with a low moisture content ready to burn.

For large orders or for any questions please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your order.

Phone:    01280 824423

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