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Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue Units 206 & 306 (Formerly CS38)

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Date(s) - Monday, August 19th, 2019 - Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Brampton Valley Training & Assessments


CS38 course

Course Overview:

This 5 day course encompasses all of the basic requirements for candidates to be able to safely climb trees. This is a legal requirement for all climbing Arborists to have as well as for any grounds person to be able to rescue a climber should an accident arise.

The course is delivered on a local estate within 5 minutes of Brampton Valley Training centre.

During the week candidates will progress on the course through climbing different trees, pole climbing, perfecting various rescue techniques and then have the opportunity to climb some large majestic Oak trees growing in the grounds of Stowe Landscape Gardens.

This is a fantastic week with lots of opportunity for personal achievements!

Assessment 27th August 2019

Price is £550 + VAT £110 & £155 for assessment Total £815 per person

Posted on August 19th 2019

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