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Chris Day Strikes ELCAS Training Success at Brampton Valley Training & Assessments Ltd

Chris Day


Testimonial of ELCAS training with BVT

I recently completed a package of training with Brampton Valley Training & Assessments Ltd (BVT); they were totally professional and incredibly helpful from the initial conversation to the end of training delivery. Correspondence is prompt and efficient, the team quickly grasped what I required and did everything they could to put a package together within my time frames. The ELCAS system is very rigid and requires specific information prior to accepting the bid, BVT were quick to deliver the information required and made dealing with ELCAS painless.

I chose to leave the army after putting myself through my basic NPTC tree surgery tickets and using these to gain experience as a subcontractor. I quickly reliased this is something I wanted to do full time and I took the leap into setting myslef up with the equipment to take on my own work. This worked well and it quickly got to the point where I was working every weekend and leave period that’s when I decided to leave. At this point I started looking for a training provider registered with ELCAS who was willing to put a package together which didn’t contain the tickets I already held. I have now made the business Ltd and VAT registered and am on the verge of leaving the army to work on this full time, a daunting prospect after eleven years of a guaranteed salary.

I selected BVT as they were willing to run a package which included more than the basic tickets I already held, for example CS39, CS40, CS41 and the Utility Arb qualifications. Other training providers were unwilling to offer more than the basic entry level courses however BVT were able to accommodate my requirements; this is testament to BVT’s commitment to meeting the needs of their customers.

The training environment is calm and relaxed and all theory training is delivered in a simple to understand manner. Even the more intense unit I completed, UA 1, was delivered in a manner which made the large amount of information and understanding easy to absorb. All the trainers were incredibly approachable and all had current industry knowledge meaning that they could cover more than the minimum and give context to all the practical training.

I Would recommend BVT to any service leaver wishing to get the most out of their ELC entitlement. They are a thoroughly professional outfit who deliver training to the highest standard; the staff really are a team which leads to a very positive training environment. The real characters are the three spaniels which lighten even the windiest, wettest day in the woods trying to grasp new techniques up a swaying tree.

Chris Day


Chris Day Tree Services Ltd

(Formerly Sgt C DAY Intelligence Corps)


Posted on June 21st 2016

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